“The only good decision is an informed decision.” It is our belief that the only good decision is an informed decision. The professionals at RedHawk Consulting Group have long been viewed by our clients as a trusted counterpart in obtaining the information needed to make informed decisions. Our extensive experience, connections, and resources allow us to act as a strategic partner for our clients as they address critically important situations. RedHawk believes that the key to successfully serving you comes in having a full understanding of your circumstances and specific objectives.

Though we provide a wide variety of investigative services, our general focus is across three areas:
Litigation Support, Due Diligence, and Internal Risk Investigations


Having the right information is the difference between a case won and a case lost. That is why it is critically important to have a trusted and invested partner working with you to secure that information. RedHawk is your trusted and invested partner. We work closely with our clients to gain a clear understanding of investigative needs and work aggressively to accomplish them. Our investigative and intelligence personnel have experience in assisting attorneys, law firms, and corporate counsels with their information, investigative and litigation support needs. From arbitration, civil litigation, and criminal defense cases to personal injury and matrimonial law, our investigators have the insight and expertise to obtain the information you need to make your case. Our field investigators stand ready to interview witnesses, obtain statements, retrieve documents, and conduct surveillance, while our inside staff performs locating individuals, uncovers information, and locates assets.

Some of the Litigation Support services that RedHawk commonly provides are:

•File Review
•Witness Locates
•Witness Interviews
•Process Service
•Asset Investigations
•Undercover Investigations

•Skip Tracing
•Party Research
•Information Gathering / Verification
•File/Document Retrieval
•Photo/Video Documentation
•Device Forensics
•Comprehensive Backgrounds

RedHawk also has a robust national network of resources and often aids its clients by connecting them with specialists in areas such as technical forensics, forensic accounting, trial exhibits, arson investigations, accident reconstruction, and various subject matter experts. RedHawk is ready to be your trusted and invested partner. How can we support your Litigation Support needs? 

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Important, high-stakes, strategic decision making depends upon having reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information available to you when you need it. RedHawk performs comprehensive Due Diligence Investigations that are tailored specifically to your needs. Whether it involves executive hires, partnership opportunities, or complex mergers and acquisitions, our investigators and intelligence analysts can provide the insights required to make better informed business decisions.

Our services are often utilized in support of:

•Comprehensive Vetting
•Executive Hires
•Board Appointments
•Vendor Relationships
•Litigation Related Investigations
•Mergers & Acquisitions
•Financial Disputes
•Competitive Intelligence
•Opposition Research
•Reputation Analysis

How can RedHawk tailor a Due Diligence Investigation plan specific to your needs? We’re ready to get you the reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information you’re looking for.

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Businesses face a multitude of insider threats. Proactively having a plan in place to address them is critical to maintaining business continuity when the problems arise; it is also a vital component of any comprehensive security program. RedHawk understands how serious a matter it is when an employee is alleged to be engaged in activities that violate your company policies or may bring harm to your company and employees. It is important that threats are taken seriously and are handled with discretion, sensitivity, and a unwavering understanding of legalities. We have worked closely with HR departments, Corporate Counsels, Security Directors, and Facilities Managers to support Internal Risk Investigations support.

RedHawk has the expertise to uncover and address matters of:

•Employee Misconduct
•Internal Theft/Fraud
•Threats Against Individuals or Organizations
•Workplace Violence
•Sexual Harassment
•Allegations of Discrimination
•Other Inappropriate Behaviors
•Workers Compensation Fraud
•Time Clock Fraud
•Corporate Espionage
•Information Leaks

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