The RedHawk System

Over the last 20 years of providing services to our clients and becoming more in tune with the challenges they face, RedHawk came to understand that the best way to truly serve our clients is by taking a holistic approach to the overall safety, security, and resilience of their entire organization.

This approach to customer service, backed and accompanied by our exceptional suite of services, is known as The RedHawk System.

RedHawk works very closely with you to take you all the way from reviewing your existing policies and systems to obtaining a total understanding of your mission, objectives, company culture, assets and interests. The RedHawk System finds and fills the gaps in your existing system, ensuring nothing is overlooked. 

We diligently use The RedHawk System to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, update systems and policies, implement training programs, and develop appropriate investigative and response capabilities within the organization. This results in the creation of systems and layers of protection that help our clients prepare, prevent, respond, and recover from threats. 

The RedHawk System can enhance your organization’s performance, development, and implementation with:

• Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
• Security Audits
• Policy & Procedure Development
• Incident Prevention Programs
• Emergency Response Plans & Training
• Crisis Management Team Development
• Post Incident Recovery Plans & Training
• Active Assailant Training
• Workplace Violence Training
• Internal Investigations Plans