Risks come in many forms and affect all industries. Being proactive in preparing for potential risks and having strategies in place to mitigate them is an important component of the safety and success of any organization. RedHawk uses industry best practices to identify potential gaps and vulnerabilities, implement practices to reduce exposures, and create plans to effectively respond to emerging incidents.

RedHawk evaluates your current security policies, conducts site assessments, creates mitigation strategies, and provides training to support those strategies. We often work closely with our clients in planning for and addressing workplace violence and employee-related issues, incident management, emergency preparedness, security training, and other investigative and risk-related needs.

Here are some of the Risk Management Services RedHawk provides:

• Security Assessments
• Audits of Existing Emergency & Contingency Plans
• Emergency Preparedness Training
• Active Assailant Response Planning
• Workplace Violence
• Residential Safety & Security
• Site Security Surveys
• Event/Venue Assessments
• Issues Unique to High-Net-Worth Families & Individuals
• Support Services to Industry Professionals

Our holistic approach to Risk Management is known as
The RedHawk System.

RedHawk is readily available to provide you with the Risk Management support you need, allowing you to focus on running your business. Our professional expertise and support has proven to be the calm in the storm for many of our clients seeking reliable Risk Management Services.