Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! Whether providing protection to an individual or an enterprise, there is much that goes into an effective protection services program.  RedHawk aims to wholly understand our clients’ needs and focuses on adding value through safety, convenience, intelligence, and thorough planning. Through these efforts, RedHawk is able to provide a superior level of service, while also keeping a tight vision on attention to detail the confidentiality of our client’s affairs.

RedHawk aims to be five steps ahead and understands that preparation is key. Our value comes from being not only a security element, but in readily handling medical emergencies, maintaining an ongoing intelligence gathering effort, and protecting what matters most: your wellbeing, brand name, reputation, interests, and assets.  Our protection services are delivered by discreet professionals, ensuring minimal disruption in your established routine. 

We Support Visiting Executive Protection Teams!
Our ability to support visiting executive protection teams is part of what makes RedHawk Consulting Group a provider of choice for some of the most prominent executive protection details in the country.

Here are some of the Protection Services RedHawk provides:

• Close Protection
• Secure Transportation
• Advance Work
• Logistical Support
• Intelligence Gathering
• Meeting & Event Support
• Security Support

Whether RedHawk is providing advance and logistical support or secure transportation, we’re prepared to make your protection detail a seamless one.