Training Schedule

RedHawk COVID Statement:
Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19): RedHawk is an Essential Service
Due to the nature of our work and the services that we provide to our clientele, RedHawk is considered an essential service and currently remains open and fully operational.  RedHawk continues to monitor COVID-19 under the guidance of our Incident Management Team and we are taking measures to ensure business continuity remains unimpacted during this time. We recognize many of our clients depend on us for their own operations, and we take our commitment to providing highly-available and secure services seriously, especially in times of uncertainty.

Public Open Enrollment Training Programs
At this time, RedHawk has suspended any planned Public Open Enrollment Training Programs through the end of 2020. We look forward to releasing our 2021 Training Calendar once we can ensure that it is safe to resume our programs. Stay safe and be well.    

Private Closed Enrollment Training
All scheduled 2020 Private Closed Enrollment Training Programs will proceed as scheduled. We have adapted to remote training whenever possible. Where in-person training will commence,  RedHawk has taken steps to ensure that programs occur in a safe manner. All personnel and third party instructors/trainers are required to adhere to the recommended CDC guidelines and each attendee will maintain appropriate social distancing.